Neuropsychological assessment is the process of assessing an individual’s cognitive (e.g., memory, concentration, and planning/organisational skills), emotional/psychological and behavioural functioning. We offer comprehensive neuropsychological assessments to help to inform diagnoses, treatment plans and to contribute to decisions around practical functioning abilities (e.g., returning to work following a brain injury). Following an assessment, a formulation of the individual’s current difficulties will be developed and recommendations for rehabilitation going forward will be agreed. All plans will be based on an individual’s profile of strengths and difficulties.

We can offer clinical leadership and support in goal setting and will tailor individualised training packages to care teams where necessary to support the achievement of goals and outcomes.

We are able to provide rehabilitation through direct sessions with individuals, indirectly through relatives and/or carers, and through the delivery of training packages for care teams.  We also offer comprehensive functional analysis of challenging behaviour and can provide support in implementing the ensuing behaviour management recommendations to care teams. We will always work collaboratively with all involved in an individual’s care package and rehabilitation. We believe that this way of working promotes and supports the continued and consistent psychological care of the individual and maximises their rehabilitation.


We are experienced in carrying out Mental Capacity Assessments in various settings and specialities across the Neuropsychology field. In all cases, we ensure every step has been taken to support the individual’s decision-making process, informed by a neuropsychological understanding of their presentation, and in collaboration with other professionals involved in their care. Capacity assessments can be a challenging a difficult process for all involved and having a skilled and experienced professional to conduct the assessment is vital.


We run tailored training sessions for case managers, GPs, social workers, care teams, multidisciplinary rehabilitation teams and legal professionals on a range of topic in the field of rehabilitation and neuropsychology. We aim to make our training sessions interactive and experiential. Broad examples of the types of training we provide are:

  • Mental Capacity Assessment
  • ACT and Neurorehabilitation
  • Mindfulness
  • Working with Emotional Distress
  • Management of Behaviours that Challenge
  • Values-based Goal Setting

For an informal discussion about your specific training requirements please get in touch. 

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